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One of the great new things we’re doing with our beanbags is offering the branding of logos.  This is achieved by a hot print of your logo directly on to the beanbag.  It can be single colour or multi-colour printed as shown in the examples below.

You may like more than one logo on the beanbag as you can see from the Pangbourne College example.  

At Oxford Beanbags we are very flexible and will do our best to give you a great product.

We are also able to offer this service for a limited range of office chairs as shown below.

Use your imagination and we’ll use ours and let's create something memorable.

Some examples of what we can do...

Branding - Chairs

We are also able to re-produce your club or corporate logo in other ways.

Contact us for further details.

Branded chairs - Ethos draughtsman

Our Pricing:

Initial set up cost for each logo:  £ 35.00 (excl. VAT)

Initial set up cost for two logos or two different size beanbags:  £50.00 (excl. VAT)

(please note that a logo for a MAXX or MIDI beanbag is larger than for a MOSA)

Printing per beanbag - £10.00 per logo (excl. VAT)


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